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Custom brick, masonry & stone walls, walkways, patios, pool enclosures, drainage & lawn leveling & more!


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Big Heart Landscaping proudly serves the Livingston and Short Hills area. Hello, we are Debbi and Todd Abrams, owners and operators of Big Heart Landscaping. Our locally owned and operated company offers a variety of services from bed renovations to  hardscape installations. We are the local choice for all your lawn and landscape needs! 

For most people their home is their biggest and most important asset, the one they rely on to provide personal and financial security in the future.


This means it’s important to keep improving and maintaining your home’s outside appearance to be sure you have the curb appeal needed to secure its value.

Enhancing and even expanding your outdoor living space will do just that. We have so many landscaping and home improvement options available to help you create the perfect space for your family and friends.


Big Heart Landscaping can turn your visions into reality, from year-round maintenance to complete custom-building projects.

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We could not be more pleased with the exceptional service that Big Heart Landscaping has provided to our property over the last several years. The quality of their service truly separates them from other landscaping companies. Big Heart Landscaping has a professional approach to caring for our property. Every member of the well-trained staff is knowledgeable and educated in their specialties. They have been proactive in caring for our property to make it look its best. Todd is always a pleasure to work with.


Thank you!

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