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Do you have drainage issues on your lawn?

Drainage issues are often overlooked but can cause serious problems for your property, landscape, and structures. If water is not properly drained, your home could face damage, leaving you with a large repair bill and a devalued property. Improper drainage commonly results in problems like mold, foundation damage, root damage to the lawn, plants and erosion and will continue to reoccur without a proper drainage system. A few signs that you need a new drainage system include:

· Soggy spots in your yard &/or pooling

· Rainwater flowing towards your house

· Foundation damage

· Persistent pooling water

· Erosion

· Dead grass, plants, and trees

· Overflowing gutters

· Water from downspouts drain closely to your properly

Some causes are:

* Improper grading (the slope of your yard or lawn)

* Lack of outlets for excess water

* Low points in your yard or lawn

* High amounts of thatch, or plant debris

* Compacted soil

If any of these problems exist, you might want to consider having:

* French drains, swale and/or a Dry well installed

* Grading

Big Heart Landscaping not only improves the appearance of your property with our landscaping services, but we can also prevent future damage to your property with our drainage systems. Whether you want to protect your property from potential damage, or your property currently has drainage issues, we work with your specific property’s needs in mind.

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